Birthday: June 22 1995

Everyone's goal in life:
if there is something I would wish for, it would be, that one of these days, I'll be able to meet him, the person who makes my heart doki doki

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■ Into a new world ■

こんにちわ^ー^ <--- I'm moving to this new blog Starting January 1st. But I'm still going to update my FC2 blog.
Have a nice day everyone ^-^
konnichiwa minna-san (^o^)
I'm back(^o^). from a one day off... hehehe.... kidding.
Actually I'm not allowed to use my laptop for some personal reasons, neh. The reason why I'm surfing the net is because I asked permission to my mom that I'll be researching something the thing is I lied my friends asked me to search a science new .

Well I'm currently downloading a magazine scan. I had a hard time just to download it.

It's fun today(^o^)
We did had a quiz and seatwork in Math this morning and i answered it correctly. Math is everything. A lot of people likes Math but at the same time a lot of people hates Math. I have a friend who is known for she is smart in Math, and she really loves that subject bad thing it doesn't work at me but little by little I'm learning to love Math

oh I'm currently watching Ninkyo Helper


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