Birthday: June 22 1995

Everyone's goal in life:
if there is something I would wish for, it would be, that one of these days, I'll be able to meet him, the person who makes my heart doki doki

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■ Into a new world ■

こんにちわ^ー^ <--- I'm moving to this new blog Starting January 1st. But I'm still going to update my FC2 blog.
Have a nice day everyone ^-^
I'm totally done with it.
wondering what I mean, well I'm talking about my agreement with my brother. topic? well,its about whether or not he will cut our internet connection.

actually my brother and I haven't yet talk about it, since he wasn't able to pay visit in our house this month. I'm not really excited, I'm more on getting nervous.Who will not get nervous, if your internet connection will be cut out. I'm sad if ever he will be decide that my internet connection will be cut.

but the grand face-off between me and my mom together with my brother is not yet done.
struggling to survive this game, that I wish I didn't made that mistake(grades) but somehow due to that mistake I've learned a lesson: "you have to focused in your studies, no matter how many distractions and fandoms you have, you have to stay focus "

well, that is.
the battle still continues, and I have to win this battle.
TWO AGAINST ONE, definitely I'm going to win


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