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こんにちわ^ー^ <--- I'm moving to this new blog Starting January 1st. But I'm still going to update my FC2 blog.
Have a nice day everyone ^-^

on my last entry I talked about soccer. About our class to be in finals and today the most a waited day for most of us who watched the the interclass competition.

For the first half its really a tough time for our players since the defense of the opponent team is really strong. I kept on cheering, shouting the names our class section and our players names as loud as I can I'm really into it that I forgot to fetch my cousin from the elementary building xD
second half starts its when both sides fired up.They opposite team had the chance to do two free kicks yet none of it went it. after about 10 minutes players of our team started to come to our side, I ask one of them "what is happening?" then he answered that they're going to have 5 kicks something and this is where the true battle started our team made 3 shots that went in in the goal post while the opposite eam only made 1 which declared us the winner

over all, it was a good and fair game that both teams enjoyed Everyone did their best to make a goal and make their team won... I'm happy I was able to witness this wonderful match


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