Birthday: June 22 1995

Everyone's goal in life:
if there is something I would wish for, it would be, that one of these days, I'll be able to meet him, the person who makes my heart doki doki

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■ Into a new world ■

こんにちわ^ー^ <--- I'm moving to this new blog Starting January 1st. But I'm still going to update my FC2 blog.
Have a nice day everyone ^-^

oh, I'm online again but just to update and do a research for my project.
so I'm still on hiatus

Oh, I'm very busy this fast few days doing school stuffs especially doing my best in Math.
I did plenty of stuffs which are unexpected like, representing our section for the contest in Tagisan ng Talino, doing math assignment very unusual for me to do that but its fun and also challenging.

I still have plenty of things to do: I have to get done with my projects in English and Filipino, and start studying for the examination this thursday and friday.

uh oh, my printer is not working, how can I print documents that are needed for my project. urrrggghhh.....

oh well, I need to get going now or else I won't be able to finished my projects.

wish me LUCK